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Roof Re- Roofing Tampa

Nobody likes a roof that leaks, but the cost of fully replacing your roof is staggering.

The average cost of roof replacement is somewhere between 5 thousand to 15 thousand dollars. If you require something more particular, then it could potentially cost you more. Having a tight budget could also make it more difficult for you to do a full replacement. 

To save money, re-roofing is a good alternative. But sometimes it is not the right choice for your roof.

That is why here at Tampa Roofers, we will help you decide which route is the best one to take for your roof.

Roof Re-Roofing Tampa

What Does Roof Re-Roofing Mean?

Rather than replacing your entire roof by completely taking everything off, including the timber underneath, re-roofing on the other hand only involves adding a layer of roofing materials on top of already existing ones.

This procedure is considered cosmetic and also acts to extend the life of your roof. It also makes your roof look brand new without the cost of having to completely remodel everything. An entire roof replacement is much more expensive but involves replacing everything while re-roofing is cheaper and quicker.

What are the Advantages And Disadvantages of Re-Roofing?

Unfortunately, re-roofing can do more harm than good especially if the underlying structure of your roof is in terrible condition. Since you are not going to be removing any shingles, you will not get a chance to inspect the condition of your support beams underneath.

What this means is that any problems that exists like rotting wood, mold, decaying or bowing timber, is hidden away and left to fester.

A re-roof will also make your roof look uneven especially if there is damage on only part of your roof. If you’ve lost too many shingles all over your roof, it is best to just do a complete roof replacement.

However just because a roof is old, does not mean that it is not in good condition. A re-roof can give your roof new life and put off total roof replacement for a t least a couple more years.

Roof re-roofing, especially in the the extreme Tampa weather, is the best way to help you plug up any holes left behind by storms or debris. It effectively stops water from leaking through which will help protect the supporting timber beams and keep any dampness from spreading.

One of the biggest advantages which has repeatedly been mentioned since the beginning of this article is the cheaper cost. As materials and cost of labor are reduced, re-roofing a house will be cheaper than a full replacement.

Re-roofing saves what you already have and adds another layer of protection on top, giving it extra strength, keeping the harsh elements outside your home and making your house look better.

For all your roof re-roofing in Tampa concerns, get in touch with our team of professionals today!

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